Owl's performance

Since our founding, Owl has developed the selective brands which have responded to different needs.
In "Sapporo" where the head office is located, many customers still choose our services even in a highly competitive marketplace of the building industry and the real estate.
In 2017 too, Owl increased steadily the number of construction and the amount of sales is rising gradually.

The amount of buying and selling construction
(new construction and already existing construction)
Brokerage and property management experience
Because of high occupancy rate we have received high praise from owners.
The occupancy rate
Ratio of new construction and already existing construction. (For the past five years)
The number of existing construction is by brokerage service.

An introduction to past performances of Owl's investment real estate ”HQ/ Sapporo area”

This is an introduction of our business results for original properties for which Owl performed sales and planning, mainly in the Sapporo area.


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